Sunday, 28 July 2019

How to Conquer Yourself

If you’re going to conquer yourself and achieve your goals, you’re going to need faith, and faith is being certain of something you haven’t seen. I’m not referring to religious faith but rather a force of personal belief that will help you overcome obstacles and release your personal power. If you’re going to become everything you have the potential to be, it’ll be determined by your deepest held beliefs.

Faith deals with the possibilities of the future when you’re depending upon yourself to create that future. It’s when you’re convinced you’re still going to win even though your circumstances appear to say otherwise. Faith is the belief that YOU will triumph in all things when all things are against you!

Faith vs Hope
Faith is different from hope, because I’m not talking about you “hoping” things will turn out for the better. That’s not faith. Hope is a good thing to have, but faith is much different. Hope is more like a wish, but faith is an assurance. Hope will still leave you questioning, but faith dispels all doubt.

In my own life, it’s faith that keeps me pushing past the constant roadblocks that stand in my way. I’m sure you know how frustrating that can be. You keep asking yourself, “Why can’t this be easier?” but despite the resistance, you just keep pushing on. That’s the evidence of faith. That’s when you have certainty.

Hope is not certainty. Hope is a desire that something will happen, but faith is when you’re certain it will happen because you’re the one that’s going to make it happen. Faith, therefore, is a true dependency upon yourself while hope is a dependency upon something outside of you. Faith is a certainty that you have the power to shape your own future when life is set against you.

The Mountains in Our Minds Are Bigger than the Mountains We Climb
As I said, with hope, you’re dependent upon something outside of you whether it’s circumstances or people. The problem with that is that you can’t control people and circumstances like you can yourself. That’s why faith is more certain than hope, because faith is based upon something you have the power to control—you!

But what do I mean by depending upon you? Isn’t that part of the problem? If you could depend upon you then all of this would be easy, right? In other words, your problem is that YOU ARE depending upon you and YOU are just not that dependable!
I understand that completely. Your greatest battles will always be with yourself more so than your circumstances. 

When we’re defeated, we’re always defeated in our minds first. When we’re down, it’s usually because we’re exaggerating the so-called “reality” that we face. The mountains in our minds are always bigger than the mountains we have to climb but at least we know where our problems lie!

Confidence, Passion, and Ability
If I know the problem is me, then that’s good news, because I have the power to change me. If I’m just subject to something outside of me, then I may not be able to change it. Therefore, the more I can strengthen my own beliefs, the greater will be my chance of changing my circumstances.

How do you strengthen your beliefs? It comes down to three areas: confidence, passion, and ability. If you can empower these three, you’ll turn into a beast of achievement! Let’s break them down.

1.     Confidence is when you appreciate, celebrate, rely upon, and are assured of your character and potential.
2.     Passion is an intense desire for something, and it is the primary fuel that keeps you pursuing personal change and achievement.
3.     Ability is taken from “able,” and it has to do with your proficiency in something, as in your skill set and talents.

When you’re confident in yourself, you’re not afraid to meet new challenges. You may not know yet how you’re going to overcome them, but you’re assured of your capability and resources to find out.

When you’re passionate, you’re focused, and when you’re focused you’re unobstructed by temptations and distractions—which, by the way, ruin a lot of people. Passionate people are driven in what they’re after.

And when you have ability, you have the tools needed to plough through the obstacles in between you and where you’re trying to go.

Strengthen these three areas and you’ll strengthen your faith. Strengthen your faith and you’ll be an unstoppable force for real achievement and lasting change. In my next three letters to you, I’ll share with you how you can strengthen your confidence, passion, and ability. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, do me a favor and tell me which of the three areas you’re struggling the most with. It will really help me to do a better job of helping you. Just write me in the comments below.

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