The Socrates says "man know thyself". Do you agree with me that about 95% of the people especially the youths living today are yet to know themselves?

The first project you should take in life is the project of self-study. Reading yourself to know whom you really are is very essential because many today, are living without knowing their selves. 

The basic studies you should do about yourself is to know your temperament and trait. To know if you are a sanguine, choleric, melancholic or phlegmatic in temperament so that you will know why you act the way you act. If you don’t know yourself, how will you be able to tell others about their self?

I started to study myself lately to really understand myself in other to follow where I belonged to. There were times I was victim of this. People sees me as a man with good leadership qualities and they will always like to choose me into leadership posts. 

But others see me as a bad leader because my leadership always seem to be a strict type to them because that which you need to do lawfully is the thing you should do without complaining and that is a must because am a man of order. 

When I was made a head to all the students in the school by my Principal, every student was terrified because I don’t tolerate any damn misconduct of any student in the school. And when I was elected as the President in the Catholic Altar server’s association of Nigeria (CASAN) of my local church parish, it was an experience that I can’t forget because I came to understand that people don’t always want to follow the due procedures of doing things but when they are called to order you becomes an enemy of their plan. 

Then the servers used to call me “the liturgy” because I always refer them to the liturgy whenever they are misbehaving, I will ask them “if what they are doing is liturgical”. Though, it seems right that I possessed some leadership qualities. But after studying myself I need to stop going into any post as a leader. But those who will be leading will always consult me in whatever they are planning to do. 

And that have been how I dispense my own leadership since am too lawful to lead. Since I knew myself to be that, I can’t force myself to be a leader in an ignorant association because of my type of person. Do you know yourself, the things you can and can’t do? If you do know yourself very well I tell, you will never want to live like other people around and you will always want to be your original self instead of being a copy of other people. 

That is, most people do the same thing at a time. The type of cloth you sees someone in, you will go to the market to get the same type of cloth. The same to haircut, makeups, associations and activities.

However, you really need to know yourself, things you are to do and not to do. You will always be original and not another person’s duplicate. There are celebrities today who bears their identities while their fan who did not know themselves will copy their celebrity’s identity to theirs, you see things like; Messi, a footballer’s name but an upcoming star will also call himself “Messi”. The question there now is “where is the real name or self of the upcoming star who chooses to use a super star Messi’s name as his own name?”

Again, whenever you start to know who God is, it will help you also to know yourself as well.

The Socrates said “man know thyself”.