"The Youths are the most vulnerable Culprits and worst victims of the insecurity in the Nation" by Amb. Ademario AT THE 1ST NIGERIAN YOUTH ROUNDTABLE ON SECURITY AFFAIRS, HELD AT THE BAYELSA (IZON) HOUSE ABUJA

The Roundtable which was convened by Nigerian Youth Leaders from various backgrounds and from across the 36 States of the Federation and the FCT, was a pragmatic response and Constituency Intervention Strategy to curb the rising state of Insecurity in Nigeria, through the setting up of the Coalition of Nigerian Youth on Security Affairs in Nigeria (CONYSA).

The Event was well attended, adhering strictly to laid down Covid-19 Protocols, and rose with the following Resolutions:

That the Security situation has become too critical to be left  totally in the hands and as sole responsibility of the Security Agencies of the Country;


That if the ugly situation is not given urgent, genuine and effective interventions, our Unity and National Integration may suffer sudden collapse, leading to anarchy;

That the Youths are the most vulnerable Culprits and  worst victims of the insecurity in the Nation;

That almost all the Options, Strategies and Mechanisms currently put in place in Nigeria to fight Insecurity did not properly consult and mainstream critical and impactful Youth Leaders of the Federation, hence, major reason for ineffectiveness;

That the Nigerian Youth should no longer be oblivious  to issues concerning National Security or view this as complete responsibility of the relevant Agencies, but rise as a Constituency to with a view of insecurity in the Country as collective challenge, and more of Youth-Problem that can be better tackled through a Youth-driven Mechanism;IMG-20200829-WA0045

That the Coalition of Nigerian Youth on Security Affairs (CONYSA) be officially adopted by all Nigerian Youth Structures as Constituency Strategy for engagement in National Security Matters, while endorsed and supported by all teirs of Government,  Security Agencies, the Organized Private Sector and relevant Persons and Quarters as a bridge between the Youth and themselves, and veritable Partnership Option with the Nigerian Youth;

That CONYSA should immediately commence setting up of its proposed Independent Youth Security Situation Rooms (IYSSR) in all the 774 LGA in Nigeria and across all the statutory Wards in the Country, with special focus on red spot Communities prone to Violence and Crime;

That the National Assembly should propose and work out modalities for a National Conference on National Security and Integration as a matter of urgent National Importance, to collate Peoples’ Opinions and galvanize “Sufferers or Victims Intelligence” to strengthen Professional Strategies;

That the Security Architecture of the Country and Men of the Service be highly commended for their bravery and high sense of Patriotism, however, demanded to go extra miles in saving the Nation from impending doom;

That Para-Military, Security and Security Focused Youth Organisations, with umbrella bodies for Youth and Students be strengthened, upgraded and well mainstream into all National Security Intervention Mechanisms and Funding;

That the Concept of Community Policing be pursued with all vigour and seen as an indispensable Framework for enhanced Security of Lives and Properties in Nigeria that must be accorded priority in National Planning and Budgeting;

That the Manpower demand, Ultramodern Equiptments and Technological needs of the various Security Aparatus of the Federation by considered a thing of “STATE OF EMERGENCY” by the Federal and State Governments of Nigeria.


  1. This is wonderful move by the youths. Kudos my leader.

  2. We move✊


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