By: Mario.

An Anambra Woman by name Mrs. Chineze Ezeike has recently cried out over the intimidation and oppression she has encountered over the property that legitimately belongs to her and her Family by one Mr. Chukwudi Molokwu who has been in Unlawful possession of the woman shop at Anisha relief main market Anambra state

Mrs. Chineze Ezeike is a retired civil servant who purchased landed property situated at Onitsha Main Market in Anambra State. According to the woman she bought the shop Bkpe/3 in Onitsha relief market from Mr. Arthur Oduah,who bought it for the original owner, Mrs. Josephine Onukwulu. it was in block and zinc form. The original owner was given certificate of allocation to transfer and transform it to concrete structure to prevent fire accident. She told a staff of the Local Government in the market to be the caretaker.

 In 2002, when she went to pay for the Government stallage fee, she noticed that the shop was under reconstruction. She raised alarm and asked the caretaker who said that the market Union instructed for transformation to prevent fire accident, she blamed her for not informing her over the recent development. When they met the contractor who said he wasn't snatching snatching the shop from her. The contractor told her that it was either he reconstructs it and receive the rent to recover his expenses or he would calculate the total cost or rehabilitation. The contractor delayed telling her the cost from 2002 to 2005 saying he wasn't disposed , until they met with him again in 2005. 

The contractor insisted that she pays him, #90,000 used to reconstruct and rehabilitate the shop. By that time he had started adding coaches on the decking.  She agreed and paid the #90,000.

Mr  Chukwudi Molokwu paid Mrs Chineze Ezeike 1.5million for tenat fees ,he was meant to be paying Mrs Chineze every year for tenat fees after 6month Mr chukuwudi molukwu sue miss chineze and other for human right vioation , saying Mrs Chineze should pay him back 1.5m naira back clamming the owner of my shop BKE3UP.

Meanwhile, some people had told Mr. Chukwudi Molokwu to vacate the shop for her. She later went further to complainto the Market Peace Committee in 2016,who invited them to bring the documents. After their investigations, they gave judgement that the shop belongs to her Mrs. Chineze Ezeike because Mr. Chukwudi Molokwu had already told the committee that he bought the shop from the  contractor. But Mr. Chukwudi Molokwu refused, she continued going with people pleading to him before Mr. Chukwudi Molokwu started threatening her life that if she ever comes to the market for the shop again that he will kill her and her people will not be able to locate her corpse.

Mr Chukwudi Molokwu went ahead to forge a certificate claiming possession of the property which he was later arrested for. Below is the forged Certificate.

Currently the Local Government Chairman, DPO, Commissioner of Police Anambra State, Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad (F-SARS) Is already aware of the matter.

She calls on the society and the Anambra State Government to render justice into her matter as the shop is the only surviving asset she has to take care of her Family and Sick Husband. 

Below are evidence of the Documents that shows legitimate possession of the property.

Contact Amb. Emmanuel Ademario for enquiry and intervention, and advocacy.

+234 806 769 4775